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Meet Our Trainer!

Our trainer Linda Vanderkarr, grew up in Shiawassee county. While participating in the 4-H dog program during her childhood she discovered her love for dogs, training and teaching. Linda became a leader in the program very quickly and grew up to train and show dogs. She competes in obedience rally and agility with the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club. For the past 40 years Linda has trained owners and their dogs. She has collaborated with various trainers to diverse her training skills in many different areas of the K9 world.

Alongside teaching our training classes, Linda also works part-time in our doggie daycare. Aiding with temperament tests, training staff, and helping us create a happy and safe environment for any pups in our facility.

Linda’s Mission Statement:

“My goal with training is to create a peaceful and healthy relationship between dog and family. I believe this is achieved through bonding of basic household manners and obedience that will last throughout your dogs life.”

To book an appointment visit our customer portal or give us a call: 517-376-6243

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