About The Trainer

Rally Obedience

This class will introduce the different signs used in Novice Rally Obedience. This is a fun sport where handlers and dogs navigate a course made up of signs asking for different obedience behaviors. Dog must be able to sit, down and walk loosely on a leash. This class is designed to help you learn to complete in Rally. Classes will be available to all three levels.

Intro to Agility

Come learn the introduction to agility. Whether for fun or to get ready to compete, its a wonderful way to have fun with your dog. Prerequisite - Beginning obedience class.

Canine Good Citizenship Program

The American Kennel Club started the Canine good Citizenship Program as a means of rewarding dogs who were well behaved. This is a title you can earn from the AKC program very easily by demonstrating to a certified AKC evaluator that your dog can handle the 10 requested tasks. Description on requested tasks may be found on AKC.org website.


In this class we will address problems such as jumping up on you, bolting out the door, potty training issues, accepting grooming needs such as ear cleaning, brushing and trimming toenails. Dogs will earn to “leave it”, allow you to pick up their food bowls, staying off of furniture and other useful items in the home. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that this class be taken when the dog is 6 months of age BEFORE these habits are ingrained as acceptable behavior. Many of these issues can be solved when trained to a young dog.

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